The Use of The Basket Hold

(Also known as the ‘wrap’, ‘tantrum hold’ or ‘small child hold’)

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Discover .......

The Legal, Medical and Health & Safety Reasons Why This Technique Should Not Be Used.

Discover .......

Why Training Providers Are Still Teaching It & How You Can Be Held Liable if You Teach or Commission It's Use.


The Report Also Includes a Full Medical Opinion By Dr. Tony Bleetman, one of The UK's Leading Independent Medical Experts.

Trevel Henry

"I was privileged to receive a copy of The Use of the Basket-Hold report, which I found to be one of the most comprehensive and informative reports I have read on this particularly controversial and often emotive technique subject heading.  

Mark has used his extensive knowledge and experience to produce historical reference relating to the origins of this technique, along with case law references regarding the use of these holds.  

His report addresses the issues from legislative, regulation, medical and operational perspectives, allowing the reader to be much better informed about the hazards and risks associated with this technique.  

I very strongly recommend that all training providers and industry sector clients should read this report to assist them in becoming better informed regarding their positive behaviour support strategies.     

Thank you for the opportunity to have an early reading of your report which will change the consciousness of many clients, training providers and people associated within/around this area of challenging behaviours."

Trevel Henry MICM
Training Director NVC Awareness Training & Consultancy Services

Doug Melia

"I just purchased from Mark Dawes "The Use of The Basket Hold" today for £2 the cost of a scratch-card & it's an investment - not a gamble let me tell you!"

Finally, a concise and indisputable report has been put together on this dubious positive handling strategy which children & vulnerable adults are being subjected to and their safety and that of those around them is jeopardised, often unbeknown to their parents or Carers. 

As you can learn from the report this systematic abuse has been highlighted as a major concern here and overseas for many decades with our leaders and figureheads ignoring and in many instances condoning the use of such a hold where it's dangers are apparent

If you are a teacher, trainer, parent or someone with a duty of care this report is a must- download it and implement it's advice immediately"

Doug Melia - Use of Force & Soft Restraint Trainer and Consultant Specialising in Working with Schools, Police Forces & Mental Health Settings

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